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Injury Advice
For Runners

Running injury? Let's get you back doing what we love! This is a site providing injury advice for runners, from serious, competing athletes, to those who jog for fun or fitness. The focus of the site is the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries which are common amongst runners, from a runners point of view. We include the latest medical, physiotherapy and sports therapy techniques in our strategies to get you running fit.


Common Running Injuries

Plantar fasciitis SOLVED. How to overcome this common but painful running injury

Don't let this ruin your runs, read how to overcome IT band tears and pains here.

Throbbing and aching shins when you run are no joke! Here's how to solve them...

Groin pain can be caused by damage to tissues in the groin area, here's the best way to beat it.

A common term for pain anywhere around the knee cap, here's how to ease that pain and hit the road.

Have you felt pain at the back of your foot after running? Achilles Tendinitis is one of our most common complaints, learn how to beat it.

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I've struggled with my IT band many times over the years and I followed your advice. The exercises that you mentioned worked! I did start and stop them but with consistency things got better. Many thanks.

Denise Robinson


Thanks a lot, you helped me get over my plantar fasciitis that was really stopping me from enjoying running 🙂

Janice Huskey


I started having really bad shin splits (never had them before) and I used the tips on the website to get over them, great site!

Robert Wills

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