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Rehab4Runners is a site providing injury advice for runners, from serious, competing athletes, to those who jog for fun or fitness. The focus of the site is the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries which are common amongst runners, from a runners point of view, with a therapists knowledge. To boot – it’s all written in a language you can understand too! Not only do I cover injury treatment, but also injury prevention, which after all is the best cure!

Rehab4Runners is written by Graduate Sports Rehabilitator Heidi Dawson. That’s me….Hi! :-) I am a keen, although not particularly proficient runner which allows me to see injury treatment and rehab from the runners point of view, as well as the therapists. This is a combination which I feel really helps me treat my running clients successfully and with empathy.

I started to write the site after looking at what else was available and seeing a big gap in the available information. At one end the very basic and often outdated injury advice for runners available on many websites. And at the other, the very up-to-date research led sites which are great, but are often too complicated for your average runner to understand. So I have tried to write the site using recent research based information, but without all the technical jargon! Just what you need to know, in a way you can understand it!

So, explore the site, and see what you think! Constructive criticism (and praise!) always welcome! As well as the main body of the site, I also try to write a regular blog post on new research, developments and news from the running world. Make sure you subscribe (see the box on the right) and also follow Rehab4Runners on Twitter (@rehab4runners) and Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Injury Advice for Runners

    1. admin

      Hi Bill. No the website doesn’t currently have a log-in or subsciption feature. All of the information is free to view. More to be added soon! Please bear with me!

  1. Leslie

    Thank you! I have a hip replacement and a variety of lumbar issues, trochanter bursitis. I have had severe pain the last few days not relieved by medication, ice, or Tens therapy. I was getting concerned about the bursa in my hip and went online to research. The rotation exercises you suggested are similar to those recommended to me by my therapist. I did several of the clam and internal rotations and I feel a HUGE relief in the hip. Thank you very much for the valuable and free help!

  2. Catherine

    So glad I stumbled upon your excellent site, while searching for tips on coping with persistent injuries. Long and short of it is I do too much! However, it’s hard to accept and act on this when you just love running. I have peroneal tendonitis at the moment, so am off running much to my frustration! However, reading the helpful tips you have provided makes me realise it isn’t the end of the world and if I rest and recover sufficiently now, I shall soon be back up and running, albeit more gently and probably less miles than before. Thanks again – keep up the good work here!

    1. eric

      Hi catherine i know it was a few month ago How did you deal with your tendinitis .I have not run for 10 weeks due to outer lower leg pain .which occurred after running but was okay while I was running .was this the same in your case .any info would be great .I’m not very good at this resting lark thanks


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