Running Injuries

Injuries are way too common in runners and they are the reason that the majority of new runners give up in the first few months. I think it’s important as a runner to understand some of the most common injuries, what they are and why they occur, to help you avoid them!

Most running injuries are classed as ‘overuse’ injuries. These are the type of injuries which develop gradually, rather than from one sudden movement, force or impact. Of course you can still suffer one of these more traumatic injuries (such as an ankle sprain) whilst running, but if I included every type of injury you could get if you fell over or tripped whilst pounding the roads, we’d be here all day!

Overuse running injuries develop due to an overwhelming amount of stress on a body part. This can be cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle etc. When I say they develop gradually, how gradually is variable. Sometimes you may feel a pain which starts on one run and within 5 minutes you have to stop. Or it may be something which niggles away at you for weeks and months, before you stop and do anything about it!

On the pages below I have listed the most common running overuse injuries by body part. Each injury includes a description of what is it and why it happens, as well as how you can treat it yourself, or how a sports injury professional may help.
Foot pain in runnerscalf and shin painHip and bum pain in runnersknee injuries in runners




Knee pain                   Hip & groin pain               Lower leg pain                     Foot pain

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